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Build More Reservoirs Now
The state’s $35 billion agriculture industry and our Central Valley is wholly dependent on a stable supply of water, so no one will fight harder than farmer David Valadao to improve our aging water infrastructure.

Bullet Train Hurts Taxpayers
David Valadao strongly opposes the construction of a high speed rail system and that’s why he co-authored legislation that would allow California voters to stop the project dead in its tracks.

Needless Regulations Kill Jobs
To help businesses stay in California and create new jobs, David Valadao wrote a bill requiring government agencies to make public the economic impact of new regulations before they are implemented.

Gasoline Prices Slamming Families
David Valadao will not only vote to expand domestic oil production so we end our dependence on Middle East oil, but he also supports constructing the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Reduce The National Debt
A $15 trillion black hole that increased 42% in the past three years is one reason David Valadao favors cutting government spending and supports a strict two-thirds vote requirement before Congress can hike taxes.

Give Students More Opportunities
David Valadao knows the “one-size-fits-all” approach by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats only interferes with our local schools plus he supports expanding vocational and trade school options for our students.