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Fighting for Central Valley Farmers

As a dairy farmer, David understands the challenges that our farmers and ranchers face as a part of California’s competitive agriculture industry. It is critical to ensure California remains an agricultural leader that provides good careers for the Central Valley and food for the world.


Taking Care of our Heroes

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who fight to preserve our freedom. Whether it be ensuring they have the tools to stay safe in battle, access to high quality healthcare, or education and employment opportunities here at home, our men and women in uniform deserve our gratitude and our support.


Protecting Our Water Supply

In the Central Valley, life as we know it is dependent upon securing a reliable and clean supply of water. Farmers, families, and entire communities must receive the water they need to strengthen the economy and raise our families.

Jobs & Economy

Finding Valley Families Jobs

While the stock market is at an all-time high and the unemployment rate nationally continues to drop, too many people in the 21st Congressional District are out of work and aren’t feeling the positive effects of our growing economy. The unemployment rate in the San Joaquin Valley is nearly double the national average.


Getting You Affordable Care

David believes quality, affordable healthcare should be available to all Americans. It is important to enact reforms that lower the cost of healthcare while maintaining access to healthcare for America’s most vulnerable populations – like the elderly, poor and those with pre-existing conditions.


Protecting Our Seniors

Our nation’s financial situation requires that we carefully examine the future of programs our seniors depend upon like Medicare and Social Security.


Fixing the Broken System

As the son of immigrants, immigration reform is an issue close to David’s heart. David knows that our current system is broken and in need of comprehensive repair.


Ensuring The Valley's Future

As the father of three, David understands that every child learns differently and needs to have access to a quality, affordable education that works for them.


Balance the Budget

David believes that Washington should live by the same rules as every American family, which means they must balance the budget and spend no more than what they take in.

Reform D.C.

Serving Americans

David believes the role of government agencies is to serve the interest of every American, not what is best for bureaucrats in Washington.


Developing Our Energy Resources

Our nation, especially California, is blessed with an abundance of traditional and renewable energy resources. However, red tape and frivolous litigation is blocking the development of America’s energy resources, killing jobs and slamming families with sky-high energy costs.


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